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  • Popcorn Removal

Below are the steps performed:

-Prep the area(s) being worked on with paper and plastic.

-Remove the popcorn using water and a spray machine.

-Re-finish seems, screw holes, and major imperfections.

-Spray a final texture and clean up.

  • Hanging and finishing drywall

We hang and finish new and existing drywall projects. This scope of the work requires us securing drywall sheets to studs, applying tape, and finishing the wall with several coats of drywall mud.

  • Patches

Patches are a very common request and we take pride in matching each and every patch as perfect as possible. Patching involves prepping the area (s) for work, cutting out the damaged drywall, hanging new drywall, finishing seems and screw holes, and texturing to match initial area.

  • Wall resurfacing/ Skimming 

Sometimes instead of removing old drywall and replacing it with new drywall, it is possible to resurface the wall. A few examples may be popcorn that has been painted and is difficult to remove, glue thats left on walls from mirrors, wall paper imperfections, hideous texture, and so on. Basically, its possible to apply several coats of mud on the area and turn it into a brand new looking walll or ceiling.

  • Texture


Orange Peel


We do several textures. The most common textures are knockdown, orange peel, and popcorn. We also specialize in a level 5 fininsh, which is also known as a smooth/slick finish.

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